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Shooting outside Port Orchard Walmart leaves two dead, two deputies injured

Updated Monday, Jan. 24th, 7:01 a.m.

A man and a young woman were killed in a shooting incident outside a Walmart store in Port Orchard Sunday afternoon. Two Kitsap County Sheriff deputies were injured, and are reported in satisfactory condition late Sunday evening, according to the Kitsap Sun.

Officers were dispatched around 3:30 p.m. to the Walmart parking lot after receiving a call about a suspicious person with a gun. Upon arrival, Kitsap County Sheriff spokesman Scott Wilson tells the Sun the deputies approached the male suspect, who then fired at them:

Wilson believes the two deputies now in the hospital were injured before they were able to return fire. The third deputy is believed to have shot the suspect, Wilson said.

In addition to the suspect, a young woman was also shot, and later died at Tacoma General Hospital. It's not yet clear exactly who shot her. Wilson tells the Sun detectives believe the man and woman knew one another.

Two women who say they witnessed the event from a car, Destany Droge of Bremerton, and Emili Jones of Federal Way, told the Sun the suspect shot the deputies after they had approached him, and were walking toward the police car:

Suddenly, Droge and Jones said, the suspect turned and fled, drawing a gun. "He didn't even look" where he was shooting, Droge said. The two deputies both went down before they could return fire. A third deputy appeared and shot the suspect, Droge and Jones said. He walked a couple more steps. The girl walked up to him, then both fell.

The Seattle Times reports the man first ran when he spotted the deputies, before turning and opening fire.

Sheriff spokesman Scott Wilson says the it's unclear if the young woman had any connection to the man who was killed. According to the Times, the she may have been in her teens.

The Times reports customers and store employees were kept inside the store following the shooting:

An unidentified Walmart employee said she was instructed not to discuss the incident. The store was in lockdown. About 100 customers were kept inside for about 20 minutes after the shooting...

The Washington State Patrol will investigate the shooting.