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KNKX Vision


The community saved our station. Because of that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the thousands of donors who kept us alive, and feel a renewed responsibility to be an even more meaningful public media service for our region.

Our plan is to be a “community convener” through educational outreach and a series of music, news and public forums. The goal is to make a personal connection with the community, and to provide an opportunity for the community to connect and exchange ideas with us and each other.


The people, the programs and the stories all are part of KNKX’s wealth of original production. The station differentiates itself as a leader in bringing context along with its content. For music, this means delving deeply into the artists behind the music: their stories of struggle and success. In addition to excellent NPR programs, our reporting is focused on stories that are unique to our region. We are storytellers at heart; it’s one of the strongest ways we make a connection with our audience.


We’ve been saying that KNKX is a 50-year old start-up. We’ve been around for decades, but there’s been a rebirth of the station. In order to sustain our service into the future and to reach new audiences we must continue to tell stories in innovative ways on multiple platforms. That includes maintaining and investing in current and future technologies.


In the final analysis, none of these elements can operate in silos. Each is interdependent, and act as catalysts for each other. Deep, relevant storytelling depends on the voices of our community. Through innovation, we are able to exchange ideas, tell our community’s stories, and gather and deliver content through a host of formats.

Your support, both financial and with your feedback, allows us to advance our strategic plan and prepare for these and many more ideas for our shared future. Your voice and your gifts are a valuable part of this process!