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Since 2005, KNKX's School of Jazz has provided mentorship, learning and performance opportunities to Western Washington middle school, high school and college jazz students. A cornerstone of the station's signature community outreach program, it has directly impacted thousands of jazz students, band directors and professional musicians. School of Jazz is sponsored by BECU.

School of Jazz: Amy Anderson serves as guest DJ

Courtesy of Amy Anderson

Trumpeter Amy Anderson from Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek will virtually join Abe Beeson as guest DJ tonight (April 1) on Evening Jazz. She is a senior and in the school's jazz band. Amy also sings jazz.

Which instrument do you play and why?
I play the trumpet because I was inspired by my sister, watching her play when I was growing up. She is 7 years older than me, and I thought she was the coolest playing the trumpet and I wanted to be just like her. So I picked it up in middle school, and I love that I can fully express what I think and feel through such a powerful instrument.

What’s your all-time favorite jazz piece?
It would have to be "Freckle Face" by Sammy Nestico. I love it so much because it’s a very heartfelt and warm tune, filled with a lot of emotion and story behind it. It makes me feel so happy to listen to! It's also fun to sing and scat to. 

Who is your jazz hero?
My jazz hero would either be Jacob Collier or my older sister Kristin. I like Jacob Collier because he is a musical genius, and I love every one of his complex songs. And my sister is also my jazz hero because she was the one to really introduce and make me interested in jazz.

Why jazz?
I think jazz is a wonderful outlet for many things, and it can satisfy lots of different needs. For some, it's perfect for expressing their emotions and thoughts by putting them on paper and playing them. For others, it is a great opportunity to bond with a band and find new experiences, and I love the versatility of it all. 


"Freckle Face," Sammy Nestico (Portrait of Sammy)

"When Sunny Gets Blue," McCoy Tyner (Today and Tomorrow)

"Tutti for Cootie," Duke Ellington (The Great Paris Concert)

"If I Had You," Etta Jones (Don't Go To Strangers)

"Always and Forever," Bob Curnow's L.A. Big Band (Music of Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays)

"Lamento," Antonio Carlos Jobim (Wave)

"Born to Be Blue," Chet Baker (Baby Breeze)

"Willowcrest," Buddy Rich (The Lost Tapes)

"The Checkered Demon," Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra (In Progress)

Follow Amy on Instagram @Banderson.a.