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Going Places: There's Camping, And Then There's 'Glamping'

The weather can be iffy, but Washington's outdoors offer unparalleled scenery.

It’s not that KNKX travel expert Matthew Brumley can’t camp. He can, and sometimes he does. It’s just that he doesn’t get terribly excited about it.

“Glamping” on the other hand – that’s an entirely different story. Glamping (glamour + camping) is all of the outdoors with none of the “roughing it.”

“My parents took us camping when we were young,” Brumley said. “We’d go out to the coast and I have so many memories of just camping in the rain and being wet and damp.”

Skepticism about camping aside, it remains a popular activity in the Northwest, and there’s no shortage of places to go.


Brumley and his family have just made a reservation at Leanto, a “glamping” area in the San Juan Islands.

“These are tents with furniture and solid beds and real pillows,” he said. “When you go, you don’t have to actually haul anything with you.”

Rates here are between $150 and $200 a night – steeper than traditional camping. But did we mention you sleep in a real bed?


Look to the Washington State Parks for more traditional camping experiences. There are 60 state parks where you can spend the night. Prices in the summer range from $25 per night for the most basic campsite to $45 per night for full water, electrical and sewer hookups – such as might accommodate an RV.

You can also reserve cabins, yurts and vacation houses.

Your Ideas

Lay it on us: Where have you had great success camping? What’s the best way you’ve found to have fun in the great outdoors? Have you tried glamping?

We want to know about your experiences. Leave them in the comments below.


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Ed Ronco is a former KNKX producer and reporter and hosted All Things Considered for seven years.