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5 Reasons To Consider A Vacation In B.C.

We could probably write a whole book on things to see and do in British Columbia. And many have. But KPLU travel expert Matthew Brumley says the reasons you should consider a trip to B.C. can be boiled down to five points:

1. You Don't Want To Leave The PNW In The Summer

“Washingtonians know this is the place to be June through September,” Brumley said. “Getting people to go anywhere from western Washington is so hard to do during that time of year.”

British Columbia has the same beautiful climate, but still makes a good getaway.

2. It's Easy To Get There 

Drive north to Vancouver and pick up a B.C. Ferries vessel to wherever your heart desires. Or keep driving north into the Cascades for quality resorts and wilderness experiences. And that us to the next reason.

3. You Can Be Alone 

“There are massive areas up there,” Brumley said.

Try the Quadra Island if you really want to get out into the wilderness. It’s past Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Also look at escaping to Bugaboo Provincial Park, past Whistler.

“They have these great helicopter trips and hiking trips where you’ll be the only person around for 100 miles,” he said.

4. Or You Can Be With People

If immersion in the wilderness isn’t your thing, there’s plenty to do in Vancouver. Fancy hotels, high-end restaurants, and one of the great cities of the world are all just north of the border. There’s also the charm of Victoria (use B.C. Ferries if you want to take a car, or hop on the Victoria Clipperfrom downtown Seattle if you're going on foot), resorts of the Cascades (with as much to see and do in the summer as in the ski season), and the wine country near Kamloops (because, wine).

5. The World Is Coming Here

You know those distant places you want to go on vacation? They’re coming here.

In British Columbia, “you’ll find people from Norway and Switzerland and New Zealand and Australia and Japan,” Brumley said. “It’s funny we would spend so much time trying to get to places like Patagonia or Norway when hours away is one of the most beautiful, rugged, stunning places on the planet.”

Can you add to our list? We don't want to ask anyone to give up their secret vacation spots, but if you know of good things to see and do in B.C., reasons why the trip is worthwhile, or pitfalls to avoid, go ahead and tell us in the comments.

And if you want more information, Tourism British Columbia can help.


Matthew Brumley is the founder of Earthbound Expeditions, which organizes group travel to destinations around the world for various clients, including KPLU. "Going Places" explores all aspects of getting from Point A to Point B, what to do once there, and in between.

Ed Ronco is a former KNKX producer and reporter and hosted All Things Considered for seven years.