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The kids love working in Seattle best, survey shows

Chris Tarnawski

Seattle is the best place to work in the nation for Generation Y (19 to 30 year olds), according to PayScale, a jobs and salary data analysis and employment website.

Geekwire, which tipped us off to the story, said Seattle outperformed what it identified as other tech hotbeds: Boston (#5), New York (#7) and San Francisco (tied for #9).

PayScale wrote:

“Where are Millennials moving to meet people their own age, max out their pay and avoid time-wasting commutes?”


“The tech town with the tall trees, Seattle, gives Millennials their best shot (espresso pun intended).”

Screen grab from PayScale showing the rankings.

Not all the news is good

In a blog poston Gey-Y’s use of college degrees, PayScale wrote:

“In PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report, we found that 63 percent of Millennials currently have a bachelor’s degree, yet the most commonly reported jobs for Gen Y don’t necessarily require a college degree.
“Instead of getting big corporate jobs, Gen Y is settling for retail positions to try and make a living. This is the main reason why many in Gen Y choose to live with their parents after they graduate and why some are looking to start businesses. The professional jobs, such as a marketing associate, are just not in abundance anymore. In effect, Gen Y is spending four years to get a degree that puts them on the same path as those without a degree. The catch-22 is that if you don’t have a degree, it’s nearly impossible to compete for big corporate jobs with peers who do.”

PayScale's graphic giving the whole picture from their research.