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The kids love working in Seattle best, survey shows

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Chris Tarnawski

Seattle is the best place to work in the nation for Generation Y (19 to 30 year olds), according to PayScale, a jobs and salary data analysis and employment website.

Geekwire, which tipped us off to the story, said Seattle outperformed what it identified as other tech hotbeds: Boston (#5), New York (#7) and San Francisco (tied for #9).

PayScale wrote:

“Where are Millennials moving to meet people their own age, max out their pay and avoid time-wasting commutes?”


“The tech town with the tall trees, Seattle, gives Millennials their best shot (espresso pun intended).”

Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 12.32.50 PM_0.jpg
Screen grab from PayScale showing the rankings.

Not all the news is good

In a blog post on Gey-Y’s use of college degrees, PayScale wrote:

“In PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report, we found that 63 percent of Millennials currently have a bachelor’s degree, yet the most commonly reported jobs for Gen Y don’t necessarily require a college degree.
“Instead of getting big corporate jobs, Gen Y is settling for retail positions to try and make a living. This is the main reason why many in Gen Y choose to live with their parents after they graduate and why some are looking to start businesses. The professional jobs, such as a marketing associate, are just not in abundance anymore. In effect, Gen Y is spending four years to get a degree that puts them on the same path as those without a degree. The catch-22 is that if you don’t have a degree, it’s nearly impossible to compete for big corporate jobs with peers who do.”

PayScale's graphic giving the whole picture from their research.

payScale graphic.png

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