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Sandhill Cranes Wait Out The Storm

Ron Schott

  At the fall equinox, gillnetter Misha Noonan would often get stuck at the far east end of the Copper River Delta, waiting out the storms. Once the storms were so unrelenting, that not only were fishermen unable to return to Cordova, but Sandhill Cranes were unable to proceed with their southeast migration. He writes: "Every morning, a test flight of scouts would lift off and attempt - unsuccessfully - to get around a nearby cape. The tenth morning broke calm and clear. The scouts lifted off at first light. They called loudly and excitedly to the flock on the ground. They seemed to say, '1,000 feet, clear and calm. 2,000 feet, visibility unlimited! 3,000 feet, we're outta here!'" Share your story below.