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A Walking Tour Through Downtown Bellingham


Downtown Bellingham is an inviting place. It’s easy to walk around, and there are plenty of shops and cafes to visit. It’s lively, but not overcrowded. And pretty soon, it’ll have a direct connection to Bellingham Bay, once a portion of the waterfront is redeveloped to allow for mixed-use buildings and parks.


We wanted to get a sense of what it’s like to live in Bellingham, and why so many people have chosen it as their hometown. That’s what Chris Powell and A.J. Barse did. After they graduated from Western Washington University, they found the place was too familiar to give up. Now they’re strong advocates for the “city of subdued excitement.”

They host the Bellingham Podcast, in which they discuss favorite restaurants and outdoor adventures in Whatcom County, among other topics, like watches and technology. KNKX producer Geoffrey Redick went on a walking tour with them through downtown.