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Liminal Earth: Washington duo shares stories of ghosts, cryptids, spooky sounds

Map of the United States covered with icons of ghosts and animals and skulls & crossbones.
Kate McEntee DeWeese
A screengrab from the Liminal Earth page shows reports of strange sightings and experiences in the U.S.

This time of year, we want to be scared. That's why we watch scary movies and read thrillers. But what if there were frights right in our backyard?

Two Washington creators made an online map that anyone from around the world can pin their spooky experience to. KNKX reporter Mayowa Aina and producer Vivian McCall talked to Garrett Kelly and Jeremy Puma.

You can follow Garrett and Jeremy on TikTok and add your experience to the map at

Vivian McCall is a former KNKX reporter, producer and host. She previously spent eight years as a reporter in Chicago, where she wrote for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and WBEZ public radio.
Mayowa Aina covers cost-of-living and affordability issues in Western Washington. She focuses on how people do (or don't) make ends meet, impacts on residents' earning potential and proposed solutions for supporting people living at the margins of our community. Get in touch with her by emailing