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More jazz weeknights, and joy for your weekends

At KNKX we are always evaluating the best ways we can serve our listeners. We look at all aspects of our programming and thoughtfully review data and listener feedback. With that in mind, we want to let you know about some exciting changes to the KNKX schedule!

More jazz every weeknight

Our jazz programming will now start at 7 every weeknight—an hour earlier than the current schedule. Evening Jazz with Robin Lloyd will start at 7, Monday through Thursday, right after Fresh Air.

Friday nights will be something special. Jazz Night in America will move to 7, followed immediately by back-to-back shows hosted by KNKX's Abe Beeson. The first is a new show at 8 that will highlight the best of the KNKX Studio Sessions that we call Studio Sessions Spotlight. You will hear conversations with artists from around the world who visited and performed in our Seattle studios. The show will be followed by Abe’s excellent, modern jazz program The New Cool from 9 to 11.

More joy and more music on the weekend

These changes allowed us to re-imagine our Saturday schedule: more music, more diverse voices, and just plain more fun—something we could all use a little more of these days. 

Following Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me at 10 a.m., we’re moving This American Life to an earlier time at 11, and It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders to Noon. Following that, we’ll turn over the rest of the day to jazz and blues, including two new shows:

From 1 to 4 we'll present a mix of classic and modern Soul-Jazz and Blues with a fun, funky, and lively show called Grooveyard.

We’re excited to welcome the amazing Stephanie Anne Johnson as host of the new show. Stephanie Anne, who prefers the pronouns they/them, was born and raised in Tacoma. They are a vocalist, musician, songwriter, and teaching artist with a passion for social justice, environmental stewardship, and cookies. You may have seen them showcasing their gifts on the popular NBC series The Voice.

Following Grooveyard we'll present New Music Review  with Matt Jorgensen, from 4 to 5. Matt is active in all aspects of the Seattle jazz scene; he recorded four records with his group Matt Jorgensen +451 for Origin Records, he founded and is co-Artistic Director of the Ballard Jazz Festival, and produces jazz concerts in association with Bumbershoot and others. KNKX listeners will know Matt’s voice as the host of the Origin Records Holiday Specials. New Music Review will highlight selections from new album releases from a variety of styles.

You will also hear a couple of other changes to the KNKX lineup:

  • On Being will now air at 6 on Sunday mornings.
  • Mary McCann will take over for Paige Hansen as host of Jazz Sunday Side Up from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Paige continues as host of Midday Jazz from Noon to 3.

These changes also mean some programs will no longer air on our broadcast schedule, including NPR’s Hidden Brain, How I Built This/Planet Money, Radiolab, and PRX’s Snap Judgment. These programs are available as podcasts online or wherever you get your podcasts!

All of these changes will take effect on Monday, January 4, connecting you to more jazz, more joy, and more diverse voices and music in 2021. 



12:00 AM  -- Jazz24

4:00 AM -- NPR's Morning Edition

9:00 AM -- Midday Jazz

3:00 PM -- NPR's All Thing's Considered

6:00 PM -- Fresh Air

7:00 PM -- Evening Jazz


12:00 AM -- Jazz 24

4:00 AM -- NPR's Morning Edition

9:00 AM -- Midday Jazz

3:00 PM -- NPR's All Things Considered

6:00 PM -- Fresh Air

7:00 PM -- NPR's Jazz Night in America

8:00 PM -- Studio Sessions Spotlight

9:00 PM -- The  New Cool

11:00 PM -- Jazz 24


12:00 AM -- Jazz24

5:00 AM -- NPR's Weekend Edition - Saturday

10:00 AM -- Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!

11:00 AM -- This American Life

12:00 PM -- It's Been A Minute

1:00 PM -- Grooveyard

4:00 PM -- New Music Review

5:00 PM -- Jazz Caliente

6:00 PM -- All Blues with John Kessler


12:00 AM -- Jazz24

5:00 AM -- NPR's Weekend Edition - Sunday

6:00 AM -- On Being

7:00 AM -- NPR's Weekend Edition -- Sunday

10:00 AM -- Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!

11:00 AM -- Jazz Sunday Side Up

2:00 PM -- Jazz Northwest with Jim Wilke

3:00 PM -- The Art of Jazz with Ken Wiley

6:00 PM -- All Blues with John Kessler


Q: Why did you make these changes?

KNKX always has an eye on what our listeners are looking for. These changes were made with the listener in mind and the feedback we get from our listeners about what they are looking for in a community-owned radio station.

Q: Why now? 

Many of these changes have been under consideration for some time, but with the pandemic and election coverage, we heard from many people that they wanted more music and a little more joy on the airwaves. Being a dual-format station (news and music) we are well-equipped to help listeners get both the news they need, and the music they love. That's why we're starting jazz earlier on weekdays, and scheduling a brighter lineup on Saturday mornings.

Q: Will these changes affect KNKX’s bottom line? Can you afford to make these changes during these times?

Yes, these changes are within our current budget. We are grateful to have so many listeners who support the organization as donors and sustainers. Thanks to all of you, we have been able to serve the community with both news and music during this difficult time.

Q: What was the process to arrive at these new programming changes?

Earlier this year our programming team began working on a new schedule that incorporated listener feedback. We made the decision to refocus our news coverage from national shows to our own Northwest newsroom. We know this will make our local and regional coverage even stronger. On the music side, starting jazz at 7 p.m. is one of the most-requested changes from listeners. And on the weekends, listeners told us they were looking for a break from the never ending news cycle. Every change was considered carefully before it was put in front of our Community Advisory Council, who gave their input before we made these changes final. (If you would like to volunteer for the CAC and advise KNKX about decisions like this one, please consider emailing to learn more.) 

Q: How are you adding diverse voices, stories, and music to your programming?

KNKX has long had a diverse mix of music programming, and with these changes we are proud to continue that tradition and to add more diversity to our on-air lineup.

Q: Why are you starting jazz at 7:00 instead of 8:00 on weeknights?

Starting jazz at 7 on weeknights has been one of the most frequent requests from KNKX listeners, and we’re excited this plan allows us to make that change.


Q: Some of the shows I listen to are being moved to late at night or early morning. Isn’t this a less-desirable time slot?

Our research shows that we have listeners at many hours of the day, and in fact late night and early morning have solid listenership, more than you might think given the hour. We’ve put shows where we think they will resonate and serve you, the audience.

Q. Is anyone being laid off because of this plan?

No, there are no layoffs, and it was designed with our existing staff in mind.

Q: What's happening to my favorite show? Did you cancel it?

NPR’s Hidden Brain, How I Built This/Planet Money, Radiolab, and Snap Judgment will no longer air on KNKX, but all are available as podcasts wherever you listen to your podcasts. All of our other shows will continue.