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Our Guests' Picks For The 3 Most Underreported Stories Of The Week — Feb. 28

Here are the three most underreported stories of the week, according to the guests of our news roundtable:

Ansel Herz: Port Playing Host To Shell Oil Rigs

“My new colleague Sydney Brwnstone wrote a great story for this week’s paper about how the Port [of Seattle] decided to play host to Shell’s oil rigs … And Shell made this decision effectively months in advance of giving the public any opportunity to weigh in on the climate impacts of a decision like that.

“The port kind of opened up just a little space, a session for public comment, just a couple of weeks ago. But by that point, effectively the decision had already been made. The port had entered into a verbal non-disclosure agreement with Shell to basically not to talk about this decision.”

Joanne Silberner: The Mayor’s Call For Help With Mental Health

“There was an amazing statistic in your story: that Washington state spends 40 percent less for mental health services than the average state — 40 percent less! And to me, that’s a headline that needs to be run every day until it changes.”

Andrea Otanez: A Fuller Picture Of The Pasco Community

“Tell us about the community. Do some deep reporting. And maybe people are, maybe there hasn’t been enough time where people are looking at, you know, police relations, community relations in different ways.

“And it’s really different for a reporter to parachute in and, you know, characterize a community, especially if you’re coming from the west side, but I would really like to know more about that community and the history of these kinds of things, and the relationship of the migrant community or the Latino community to police in general over there.”