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Officials Delay Oregon's Dungeness Crab Season

Paul Sakuma
AP Photo/
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Oregon's Dungeness crab season has been delayed until Dec. 16. The season normally starts around the first of the month, but the crustaceans don't have enough meat yet.

Hugh Link, executive director of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, says it's disappointing to crab fishermen to start the season late.

"We all realize as an industry that the best product we can deliver to the consumers is the better, and the better the product the more money the fishermen will get for the product. So it's a win-win for everybody if we just wait and only harvest the best possible product,” Link said.

Dungeness crab is the most valuable fishery in Oregon. Link says last year, the industry brought nearly $100 million to the state's coastal communities.

Link says they'll be conducting another test on crabs this week to see if their meat content is adequate for a season opening.

Dungeness crab now on store shelves in Oregon is from northern California.