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Rankings: Seattle One of Best for Child-Free Grownups, Dog Lovers

Seattle is one of the best places for child-free living, according to a new city.

Real Estate blog Estatelyranked Seattle as the second best U.S. city for grownups without kids, but not without poking a little fun.

“Sure, Seattle has a reputation as a socially frigid city inhabited by nerds not known for their breeding prowess, but research indicates that’s not why the population is only 15.4 percent children,” the blog said, attributing the low birthrate instead to the “high number of affluent and educated professional men and women” who tend to have fewer babies.

For the ranking, Estately compiled a list of U.S. cities with unusually low numbers of children, then dug into their nightlife, restaurants, travel options, and adult-focused activities. The blog then ranked the cities "where the sound of children laughing is absent" based on the grownup perks. 

San Francisco topped the list of best cities for childless living, and Washington, D.C. ranked third. Portland ranked fifth.

Number of Dogs > Number of Kids 

While Seattleites may not be inclined to form large families, it turns out we have plenty of room for dogs. Estately said Seattle, with “more mutts than children," is the third best U.S. city for pooches.

“Unlike in many other cities, dogs are welcome on Seattle’s bus lines, ferries, light rail, and even local seaplanes. Unfortunately, local Internet traffic is probably slowed by the many dog-themed Tumblr accounts, Facebook pages, and blogs," the blog said.