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NASA captures stunning image of giant hurricane on Saturn

What looks like a “deep red rose of giant proportions” is actually a huge hurricane on Saturn’s north pole, says NASA.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which has been orbiting Saturn for nine years, captured this image of the storm at the center of the planet’s north pole. The red tint indicates low clouds while the green hue indicates high clouds, thanks to a special filter.

The hurricane’s eye stretches 1,250 miles wide and moves as fast as 330 miles per hour—more than four times the force of hurricane winds on Earth.

Unlike a hurricane on Earth, the storm is locked to the north pole, says NASA.

The image, one of first snapshots of the sunlit views of the north pole, was captured using a narrow-angle camera from some 261,000 miles away in November 2012 and released on Monday.

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