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Aboard Space Station, 'every day is Earth Day'

“One quick look at our planet reminds me of the importance of Earth Day,” says Col. Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut serving as commander of the International Space Station.

Hadfield has taken many a looks at our planet, taking photos and sharing snapshots of various corners of our planet, including our own.

"Looking out the windows of ISS (International Space Station), every day is Earth Day,” Hadfield said. "I have never had more love and respect for our planet than I do now, seeing it this way."

So what’s it like seeing Earth from his vantage point?

In this video, Hadfield takes us behind the lens to share the experience of capturing those stunning shots.

“The beauty of Space Station is, though, if it’s not here this time, tomorrow it might be. Or maybe next week, or maybe a month from now,” he said.

“There’s not a race to get a picture. You can be patient. Like a hunter."