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Oregon State Hospital Faces $10 Million Lawsuit

SALEM, Ore. - An Oregon State Hospital patient is suing the mental institution for $10 million. Joshua Jaschke claims doctors at the hospital unnecessarily prescribed medications that resulted in a pair of heart attacks. The alleged incident happened two years ago.

The suit claims the hospital failed to notify Jaschke of the potential side effects of the drug Adderall. The medication is prescribed to treat attention deficit disorder and certain sleeping disorders.

Jaschke's attorney, Mike Van Hoomissen says other than the incident alleged by the lawsuit, his client has benefited from his time at the Oregon State Hospital.

"He's doing quite well and ready to return to the community," Hoomissen says. "But along the way there was this physical, medical problem which shouldn't have happened."

The lawsuit claims that Jaschke will incur future medical expenses due to the alleged mistreatment. An Oregon State Hospital spokeswoman said she couldn't comment on pending litigation.

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Copyright 2011 Northwest News Network

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