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Director James Cameron helping launch "Avatar" exhibit in Seattle

Elaine Thompson
A figure of Jake Sully's avatar character from the movie "Avatar," is shown on display at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

If you’re a fan of the movie “Avatar” you might really like the exhibition opening Saturday at Seattle’s Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.

“Avatar” director James Cameron – a pal of EMP/SFM co-founder Paul Allen – will be on hand for a Friday event which will feature some of the film’s actors and Richie Baneham, who won the Academy Award for best visual effects.

The museum’s associate curator Brooks Peck says the goal is to educate and entertain, but not go so deeply into the “Avatar” world that it resembles an amusement park.

The exhibit will include 40 to 50 artifacts from the movie: costumes, props, concept models and sketches.

Cameron told the Seattle Times that he’s long been a fan of EMP/SFM:

“What better place, I thought to curate some of the artifacts from the making of the film?

He also liked the idea of letting visitors have a hands-on experience in the exhibit.

“I wanted to make it interactive. I wanted people to grab the virtual camera and look around within the virtual world of Pandora and get a taste of the experience, of what it’s like making the film.”

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Artifacts and props used in the film -- including the full size AMP (Armored Mobility Platform) suit.
  • Hand-made models of Na'vi characters and their wardrobes.
  • Dynamic interactives demonstrating motion capture and 3D technologies.
  • In depth looks into the creation of the world of Pandora, revealing the science of the universe, the creatures, the plants and origins of Na'vi culture.

The “Avatar” exhibit continues  in Seattle through September 3, 2012 before it travels to other cities.

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