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Sasquatch sightings keep up with the times

Image via YouTube
A Spokane-area woman identified only as Samantha captured a video of what she claims is Bigfoot on her iPhone.

The Northwest's favorite mythical creature has entered the era of the smart phone. A Spokane-area woman claims to have used her iPhone to catch Bigfoot on video.

The video shows hikers tromping through the woods near the Spokane River in eastern Washington. The woman who posted the clip to YouTube identifies herself only as Samantha.

She says it wasn't until she got home that she noticed it: a hunched, shadowy figure running through the trees off in the distance.

To some at online Bigfoot forums, the creature looks to be wearing white sneakers. But to Sasquatch true believers, it's just the latest piece of evidence.

Biologist Robert Michael Pyle is the author of the book "Where Bigfoot Walks." He says the ape-like humanoid has been depicted in everything from Native American totems to 16 mm film.

"And now of course you have everybody running around the woods with this video machine in their pocket. Ha ha, it's far more democratic in a way."

And for iPhone users who return from the woods empty-handed, don't worry. There's an app for that -- a 99-cent program will add Bigfoot to any photo.


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