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Water Cooler: Power Monday with the First Lady and a Soul Queen

Power politics, power voice and plain 'ol power. Michelle Obama is in Bellevue this afternoon (at the Hyatt) to support Patty Murray's campaign.

The First Lady's visit follows her husband's by a few days. Hers is the last of the Democrats big hitters to stump for Murray before the Nov. 2nd election. The senator is in a tight race with Republican Dino Rossi. If you've got $1,000 to drop on lunch, you could likely get a seat. Or, if you're open to a $7500 donation, you can drop by Costco founder Jeff Brotman's place in Medina later this afternoon for a chance to rub elbows and get your picture taken with Mrs. Obama. 

The Water Cooler asks: share your photos of the First Lady's visit. Don't know if she'll make a stop at Top Pot Doughnuts...but you never know. So be ready with your cell phone, and we'll share your moment.


Power Vocalist: Irma Thomas is considered one of the finest American singers. NPR named her one of the 50 great voicesof all time. The New Orleans soul queen is celebrating 50 years of performing, and comes to Seattle on Thursday for three days at Jazz Alley. If you can't make it there, no worries - we've got her live on KPLU on Thursday afternoon at 12:20, a very special "Blue Plate Special" with host Nick Morrison. 


Power: The Northwest got some windy and rainy weather over the weekend. But there's windy, and then there's really windy. More precisely, a tornado.

Here's a video taken by a man in the town of Rice, Texas, (courtesy WPAA TV) on Sunday evening. Yet another thing you can do with a smart phone video camera, but you might want to keep  a little more distance.