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Snoqualmie Valley Teachers Approve Contract; Strike Averted

Teachers in the Snoqualmie Valley School District averted a strike when they voted to approve a new three-year contract late Sunday. 

The news came shortly after 10 p.m.—several hours after the Snoqualmie Valley Education Association announced the two sides had reached a tentative agreement. 

The teachers last week agreed to begin the school year without a new contract. However, they said if no deal is reached by Sunday, they would strike starting Monday. The two sides could not agree on class size. 

A Snoqualmie Valley Education Association spokesman said the new contract now stipulates “overload” class sizes. Teachers will receive additional pay, additional planning time and additional aide time if class sizes stretch beyond set limits—26 or more students for kindergarten, 28 or more for first through third grade, and 30 or more for fourth and fifth grade. 

Teachers will also receive a 2-percent pay raise each year.