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Washington Department of Agriculture

In this Oct. 24, 2020, photo, a Washington state Department of Agriculture worker holds two of the dozens of Asian giant hornets vacuumed from a tree in Blaine.
Elaine Thompson / The Associated Press file

Wildlife officials in Washington state have said British Columbia and U.S. federal and state agencies will work together to track, trap and eradicate Asian giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest.

Courtesy Karla Salp, Wash. State Dept of Agriculture

Gypsy moths are back in Washington State – with a vengeance. Officials at the Washington State Department of Agriculture say they’re evaluating options after the agency’s annual trapping program caught 117 of the invasive species this summer – the highest number in more than 20 years.

It’s normal for Agriculture technicians to find one or two gypsy moths in those triangular cardboard traps you sometimes see on trees.

Washington Department of Agriculture

You may have noticed a small green triangular box with an orange label hanging from a tree in your neighborhood. It’s a trap for gypsy moths. As happens every year of late, trappers with the Washington Department of Agriculture are fanning out to place the traps in trees. What they find will determine if the state has to spray for gypsy moths in 2018. Based on what was found in the traps in 2016, no spraying was scheduled for this summer.