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Seattle construction boom

"Seattle" by Tiffany Von Arnim is licensed under CC by 2.0.

An average of 236 people a day are moving to the Seattle region amidst a historic economic and population boom. That means thousands of people are getting an outsider's perspective on the city.

We asked a few relative newcomers about their first impressions of Seattle, for some insight into how the region looks to the rest of America.

Paula Wissel

Seattle is making it easier to track development projects in the booming city. An interactive online map on the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) website lets users click on any current permitted building project. There are more than 100 in just the downtown area.

A click on one of the blue dots brings up every document tied to a particular project, from the mitigation being done for building on a steep slope to the construction timeline to architectural renderings.

Paula Wissel

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says the solution to disjointed planning in Seattle is to create a new city office to deal with the city's booming growth.  At a news conference, Murray signed an executive order creating a new Office of Planning and Community Development.