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A lot of things are different at the Washington State Spring Fair this year, but not the friendly clowns entertaining the crowds.
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The Washington State Spring Fair is going on now — with a twist. Instead of families milling around vendors, activities and farm animals, the fair has gone drive-thru as a precaution to combat the spread of COVID-19.


AstroTurf in the Puyallup River, near the site of Electron Hydro's dam improvement project.
Courtesy of the Puyallup Tribe

UPDATE, Sept. 14:  Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier says he wants to see the obsolete Electron Dam removed from the Puyallup River. He issued a letter to the head of Electron Hydro, extending the county’s stop-work order because of the AstroTurf and requiring a list of 14 steps to be carried out immediately.

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Before Kevin Yamamoto was hired to run the City of Puyallup in 2015, he witnessed a revolving door of four city managers. Now, he's joining their ranks. 

But he’s not leaving empty handed.

Puyallup City Council members accepted a notice of resignation, effective immediately, from Yamamoto in a late-night vote Tuesday.  

Puyallup City Hall (2008) by SounderBruce is licensed under CC by 2.0 https://bit.ly/2DDHasu

A group of Puyallup officials has backed off a proposal that would have overhauled the city's government by putting a "strong mayor" in charge. The decision ends a period of politcal turmoil in the Pierce County community. 

The proposal, backed by three City Council members, would have put an initiative on the ballot in April allowing voters to do away with the city manager-led system of government and instead elect a mayor. The result would have been a government structured more like Seattle's. 


Four homeless people who challenged the city of Puyallup's practice of clearing away encampments have agreed to a $40,400 settlement. 

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Six people are suing the City of Puyallup seeking to end the police department's practice of clearing away homeless encampments, arguing the so-called "sweeps" are unconstitutional and have resulted in the loss of family photos, medications, and other belongings.

Courtesy of the City of Puyallup

How local officials should address homelessness has proven to be one of the most divisive questions across the Puget Sound region.

Few cities are more divided at the moment than Puyallup, where city leaders are considering a law that would make it harder to open a shelter or drop-in center serving the homeless.

Courtesy of the City of Puyallup

The Puyallup City Council is moving closer to passing a law that would make it more difficult to open a shelter or daytime drop-in center serving people who are homeless.

The proposal follows four years of conflict surrounding the city's only drop-in center, which some residents and business owners have blamed for making homelessness and drug use more visible in the city's downtown. 

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Each year, indigenous people in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia

paddle traditional canoes to meet in one location. This year, the journey is called “The Power Paddle to Puyallup."


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Health officials have linked two cases of Hepatitis C to a nurse in a Pierce County emergency room who may have shared needles with unwitting patients, hospital officials said Monday.

Courtesy of the City of Puyallup, the City of Milton, and the City of Fircrest

Cities across Pierce County are getting new leadership after this month’s election, as voters sweep five incumbent mayors out of office.

Mayors lost their reelection bids in Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Milton, Orting, and Fircrest. 

Courtesy of the New Hope Resource Center

Homelessness is one of the thorniest local election issues in Western Washington this year, even -- or especially -- in the small Pierce County city of Puyallup. 

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The Puyallup Tribe says it will not go along with plans to put a liquified natural gas facility on a site at the Port of Tacoma. The site is located on land that lies sandwiched between parcels on its reservation.  

The tribe says its biggest concern is that its reservation lies in an urban area. And the heart of that is the Port of Tacoma.


Puyallup officials say they're cooperating with an investigation into proposed city regulations targeting the city's only resource center for the homeless.

U.S. Justice Department officials informed Puyallup leaders of the investigation in a Dec. 6 letter. The Tacoma News-Tribune first reported the investigation Thursday.

Courtesy of the New Hope Resource Center

Operators of Puyallup's only drop-in center serving homeless people say proposed security regulations could force them to shut down, following months of tension with neighbors.

Some residents say homeless people seeking help at the New Hope Resource Center have brought drugs and crime to downtown Puyallup. 

In September, city officials proposed a list of security requirements they may impose as a condition of the center's 2017 license. 

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Devastating floods in the Puyallup River valley near Orting are soon to become a thing of the past.

The city is breaking ground on a new $16 million levy. The project will restore the landscape around the river at the foot of Mount Rainer to something more natural, with room for floodwaters to soak into the landscape.

An informant's tip has led authorities to find four homemade explosive devices and other weapons buried at a Puyallup site.

Traffic was diverted Friday afternoon from the site on Shaw Road East and several homes were briefly evacuated. Puyallup police, federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents and members of the Pierce County sheriff's bomb squad responded.

ATF spokeswoman Cheryl Bishop says the cache may be tied to a fugitive killed in a confrontation with bail bond agents in Lakewood more than two years ago.