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KNKX Connects to Grays Harbor County

Goose Point oyster farm in Grays Harbor.
Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, WASH. — The narrative you often hear about this place is that it’s depressed, that the economy has not been kind. Indeed, that's part of the story. But there’s so much more. In this special presentation, we offer a broader picture of the area — the challenges facing residents here and the reasons they love calling it home. Included in our coverage are stories about government, business and history. 

Grays Harbor has a long history of logging.
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GRAYS HARBOR, WASH.  —  As part of special coverage here last week, All Things Considered host Ed Ronco introduced listeners to a pair of local historical fixtures: the Polson Museum in Hoquiam and the Aberdeen Museum of History. The former focuses on the history of logging. The latter faces a long road to recovery after a devastating fire in June. 

Stefanie Ask gave her friend, KNKX All Things Considered host Ed Ronco, a tour of her childhood neighborhood in Hoquiam. While they were there, they also attended the city's annual Loggers Playday festival.
David Dodman

HOQUIAM, WASH. — Stefanie Ask says it's natural to make jokes about where you grew up. But when someone else does it, protective feelings bubble to the surface. "You feel this swelling of rage and sort of pride for this place," she told All Things Considered host Ed Ronco.

Montesano Mayor Vini Samuel
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GRAYS HARBOR, WASH. — People might not think of Grays Harbor County first as a bastion of progress. But take a closer look at the area's leaders and you might get a different picture. 

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ABERDEEN, WASH. — More than 100 people were living on a muddy expanse along the Chehalis River in August when leaders in the city of Aberdeen bought the property with the intention of eventually clearing everyone off site.

The action set off a debate over the city's handling of homelessness and the question of who has a right to help ease the crisis. 

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, WASHINTON — Aberdeen and Hoquiam high schools have been rivals on the football field since 1906. Hoquiam won this year’s game, back in September, 28-7. The Grizzlies had an undefeated regular season, with the first loss coming in a playoff game on Nov. 17. But that’s not the only rivalry that plays out every fall.

At the Port of Grays Harbor, Pasha Automotive Services exports thousands of vehicles to foreign markets along the Pacific Rim.
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ABERDEEN, WASHINGON — If you look at Aberdeen on the satellite view offered by Google Maps, one thing jumps out. From high above, it looks like a quilt with little tiny squares of color, neatly arranged over a huge area. Zoom in and it becomes clearer. The squares are cars. Acres and acres of cars.

Westport is a surfing destination in Grays Harbor County. The Surf Shop offers them community.
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WESTPORT, WASH. — Drive as far west as you can in Grays Harbor County, and you’ll meet the ocean in Westport. Waves roll into the beach there, next to a jetty that marks the entrance of the bay. It’s where Al Perlee arrived decades ago with a wetsuit and a surfboard. A while later, he opened The Surf Shop.

Don Sucher, owner of Sucher and Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen, is too jovial to be a purist.
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Tomorrow, KNKX Connects to Grays Harbor County. All Things Considered will broadcast from the Aberdeen Timberland Library, sharing stories about government, business and history. Today, we give you a sneak peek of our special coverage. KNKX producer Geoffrey Redick brings us along on a visit to Sucher and Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen.