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Danilo Perez

Performer from Paraíso do Tuiuti Samba School in competition in Rio de Janeiro, 2018
Fat Press / LIESA

March 2019 is going to be an extraordinary month for live music, with performances by local favorites and internationally renowned masters of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban jazz. Here's the update, and a peek beyond March, too. Click on the links for details and ticket information.

A boy takes a break from his drum lessons at the Danilo Perez Foundation music school in Panama City, 2012
AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco

Musicians have always passed along their knowledge and experience to the next generation.  For some, taking on students is just an additional revenue stream.  But for many others, teaching is a serious mission. 

We'll hear from a couple of the most dedicated Latin Jazz professors this week on Saturday Jazz Caliente:

Cuban pianist and bandleader Omar Sosa
Massimo Mantivani / Courtesy of the artist

October is shaping up to be an outstanding month for Cuban music and Latin Jazz in the Seattle area.  Here's a preview of  some upcoming shows and artists.