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Live Studio Session: 3 Cent Stamp — Can Classical Music And Jazz Get Along…In The Same Song?

Michael Goude
3 Cent Stamp perform at the KPLU studio.

The answer to that question, according to the members of the string trio, 3-Cent Stamp is a resounding, “YES.”  This group, based on beautiful Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, initially limited their repertoire to jazz songs that were extrapolated from classical music.  For example, ‘How Insensitive,’ heard in this studio session comes from Chopin.  Soon, though, they expanded their musical palette to include non-classically-based jazz and original compositions. 

In this studio session, hosted by KPLU’s Dick Stein, 3-Cent Stamp’s set begins with an original composition followed by the aforementioned ‘How Insensative.’  Then they wrap it up with a blues by Horace Sliver (Doodlin’) with vocalese lyrics by Jon Hendricks.

'Lost In The Dance'

'How Insensitive'



Gloria Ferry-Brennan — Violin

James Hinkley — Cello

Levi Burkle — Guitar


Cynthia Murrow — Viola

Brian Kenny — Violin

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