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Live Studio Session: McTuff - Doing Their Thing

Justin Steyer
McTuff in the KPLU studios on May 21st, 2015.

McTuff is a Seattle organ trio consisting of Joe Doria (Hammond B-3 organ), Andy Coe (guitar) and Tarik Abouzeid (drums).  

The band breaks through the constraints of genre expectations and reaches a wide range of music lovers.  They can play for an audience of jazz purists who just want to listen to the music or they can play for an audience of people who just want to dance.  And they do that by being exactly who they are:  three inventive musicians who don’t mind bringin’ on the funk.

This studio session, hosted by Nick Francis, was recorded at 12:15 on a weekday afternoon.  Before going on the air, Joe Doria asked, “Since it’s so early, do you want us to tone it down or just do our thing?”  We requested ‘their thing.’  You’ll like it, no matter what time it is.

Song List:

  1. Neighbor's Ivy
  2. The Root
  3. Smack

Special thanks to Street Bean Espresso for providing coffee at KPLU Studio Sessions.

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