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Live Studio Session: Jamie Cullum - Singing and Playing The Entire Piano

Yes, in this live solo studio session, British jazz superstar  Jamie Cullum does, indeed, play the entire piano. In "Please Don’t Stop The Music," he plays the keyboard with one hand while beating out a rhythm on the piano’s cabinet with the other. As you might guess from that, a studio session with Jamie Cullum is a whole lot of fun.

The three songs Jamie plays are all from his latest release, "Interlude," just out on the Blue Note label.  Between songs, he talks with KPLU host Kevin Kniestedt about, among many other things, growing up in Essex, England, in the 90s and discovering jazz though hip-hop samples.

At one point he also compares playing jazz with speed-dating. And it actually makes sense when you hear that observation in context. Uplifting music interspersed with delightful conversation — that’s how Jamie Cullum rolls.

Song List:

  1. Don't You Know
  2. Make Someone Happy
  3. Please Don't Stop The Music
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