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Smoking in your apartment - not for long?

Smoking is banned at work. It’s banned in restaurants and bars. But most smokers can still head home and enjoy as many cigarettes as they’d like. That’s starting to change, when it comes to apartment buildings. 

King County is helping implement smoking bans at subsidized public housing complexes – covering about 13,700 units, so far.

In Pierce County, public health leaders want to protect all renters from second-hand smoke. So, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is working with apartment owners to make their buildings smoke-free

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Additional resources:

Pierce County's registry of apartment buildings that restrict smoking.

King County's status update on smoke-free housing.

(Note: An earlier version of this story implied that King County was enforcing a ban on smoking at public housing complexes, whereas King County's role has been to assist independent housing agencies in designing and implementing smoking bans.)

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