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Sample communications for your GiveBIG FUNdraise campaign

For more ideas visit theToolkit for FUNdraisers

Social Media

Sample Initial Posts: April 15 - May 4

  • I am so excited to be a part of #GiveBIG! You can help me support my favorite cause, KNKX, by visiting [link to your GiveBIG page] and donating on May 5-6.
  • I support jazz, blues, and NPR news on KNKX Public Radio, and I am raising funds for this important cause between April 15 and May 6 for #GiveBIG! If you’d like to help me do this, please donate at [link to your GiveBIG page]

Sample Day of Posts: May 5-6

  • #signalboost my giving campaign for KNKX by sharing this post and donate TODAY ONLY! #makeithappen [link to your GiveBIG page]
  • I need your help! Your #donation will help me reach my goal to raise $____ for KNKX Public Radio and support accurate news and inspiring music at a time when it’s needed most. Please #GiveBIG TODAY. [link to your GiveBIG page]

Sample Thank You Post: May 7

  • Thank you to all who donated during #GiveBIG yesterday! Together we raised $_____ for #KNKXPublicRadio.

Tag us! We’d love to see your posts.

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Instagram: @knkx885

Twitter: @knkxfm


Sample Initial Email: April 22 - May 4

Subject: Can I count on you?

Dear [Name],

I am so excited to be a part of something so important in this world and I want you to join me. On May 5 and 6, tens of thousands of people are showing their support for their favorite nonprofits through GiveBIG Washington 2020. I am donating [$xxx] to KNKX and if [xx] people join me and give [$xx] or more, I’ll reach my goal of [$xxxx]. The money we raise will support local public radio, which is providing a vital news and music service to our community, especially now. KNKX matters to me personally because [add your own specific message].   I know this cause also matters to you because [include a note that connects to your reader(s)].

Here’s how you can make an impact:

  1. Mark May 5 and 6 on your calendar and save this link [] to give your donation. You can also give now! Any level of donation will help me reach my goal.
  2. Follow me on [links to your social media accounts] and share my GiveBIG posts.
  3. Spread the word! Tell your friends and family why you support KNKX through #GiveBIGWA.

Forward this email to your family, colleagues, and friends along with a personal note about why you believe in this cause and invite them to join you in giving to nonprofits like KNKX across

Washington on May 5-6.

Together, we can enact real, tangible change by donating to KNKX. I can’t wait to celebrate with you the difference we will make when we #GiveBIG May 5-6!

Thank you for your support!

[Your name]

Sample Day of Email: May 5 - 6

Subject: Do something amazing today!

Dear Friends,

Today’s a BIG day to GiveBIG! Join me and thousands of other change makers who are showing their support for their favorite nonprofits. Today is our chance to make a real difference, right here in your community. Your support would mean a great deal to me. 

I am raising funds for KNKX, an organization dedicated to ensuring our region has a trusted source for local and NPR news and a place to turn for respite and entertainment with jazz and blues . I am at xx% of my goal to raise $___. If [xx] people to each give [$xx] or more, I’ll reach my goal!

Our community is depending on KNKX and public radio more than ever before, and your donation makes a tangible difference. I hope you will join me in celebrating GiveBIG with your gift today! 

Thank you for your support! 

[Your name]

Sample Thank You Email to Donors: May 7 - 9 

Subject: Thanks to you… 

Dear [Name], 

Thank you for supporting my GiveBIG campaign. I am very grateful for your generous donation to KNKX! Together with other donors we raised $________ for public radio! I believe in the mission of KNKX and their work in our community. I am so lucky to have a community of friends and family that supports my passion for building an informed and inspired community through trustworthy journalism and vibrant music. 

Thank you again for your support!

[Your name]