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Why build a wall out of Jell-O?

Aug 28, 2012

Just steps away from the Monorail station at the Seattle Center, a wall is being constructed out of Jell-O.  A lightweight mortar holds the raspberry, orange and blackberry fusion "bricks" in place.   

The Jell-O brick wall is the work of sculptors Lisa Hein and Robert Seng. It was commissioned as part of the 50 year celebration of the Seattle World's Fair.

Seng pours the fruity flavored substance into large plastic molds, then puts them in a small refrigerator. Once set, the Jell-O bricks are stacked on the top of the wall. As you might imagine, the bricks start to deteriorate pretty quickly. Seng says it creates a sort of "construction in reverse," with just the mortar remaining at the bottom of the wall.

Hein says she likes the temporary nature of the work. 

“They have the lifespan maybe of cut flowers, each of the Jell-O bricks. You do it for a short term and you do it very colorfully,” she said.

Seng says you could read a lot of meaning into this wall he'll be constructing over the course of two weeks. But,  his main hope is that it makes you smile.