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What's your line limit for a restaurant table?

Mar 13, 2013

This week's discussion was inspired by the TV comedy Portlandia  and its Brunch Village episode about an endless line of would-be brunchers. 

I have lurked in the lobbies of dim sum joints waiting for tables.  And once in a while I've been been willing to wait in the bar.  But queue up out on the sidewalk?  Uh-uh.  I've stood on all the chow lines I care to, thank you. 

Now, my Food for Thought pard Nancy Leson takes a different, more relaxed  attitude toward restaurant lines.   In fact she claims it can be fun.  Hear all about it on this week's episode.

I Bought Girl Scout Cookies

And I got an "I Bought Girl Scout Cookies" sticker to prove it.  Even though I always buy a box or two every year I still feel a little guilty when I pass up the kids' cookie table outside the supermarket.  But I can only buy so many boxes each year.  Because if I buy them, I eat them.

So last year I made a suggestion to Stefanie Ellis of Girl Scouts of Western Washington.  Why not include an "I Bought Girl Scout Cookies" sticker with every sale? And this year, their 101st anniversary, they did just that. 

I get a Thank You Dick Stein party out of the deal, too.  Thank you, Girl Scouts.  I'm honored you liked my idea.

"If you buy something for a good cause it has no calories."

– Some wishful thinker