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What's so entertaining about entertaining?

Nov 21, 2012

You go nuts all day long with the cooking and the cleaning and the worrying and the will  this or won't that and did I remember to and does the house look and will they even show up  and what was I thinking when I decided to do this they could have had their lousy corn flake stuffed pork chops and gone the hell home by now... and waitasecond is that cat-box I smell? 

Or you could be like my Food for Thought pal,  Seattle Times food writer  Nancy Leson.

Nance likes to entertain.  It's just that she just doesn't think she's any good at it.   In this week's FfT she sings the praises of friends who go all out to throw really fancy dinner parties.   And I'm talking little copper vessels for the spuds, table side vinaigrette mixing, the works.

How about you?  Do  you like to entertain or dread it? Tell the world in the space below. 

"At a formal dinner party the person nearest to death should always be seated closest to the bathroom."

– George Carlin