What Are The Odds? Sound Effect, Episode 124 | KNKX

What Are The Odds? Sound Effect, Episode 124

Jul 8, 2018

This week on Sound Effect, our theme is "What Are the Odds?" We'll meet the grandson of Holocaust survivors who calculated the very low probability that he would even be born. Then a typo may have saved Bob Hofferber's life, by keeping him off of a military plane bound for Tacoma in 1952. In another story of the twists of fate, group of nuns walking along a Washington beach are overtaken by a rogue wave, changing their lives and their relationship with God forever. We'll get to know a scientist who spends his career waiting for a phenomenally unlikely event, which could help explain why the universe exists. And we visit Concrete, Washington, where a freak occurrence led to some of the townspeople preparing to battle Martians. Plus, Dick Stein's card table fables, all on this week's show.