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Washington milk is safe

Apr 6, 2011

Worried about radiation from Japan contaminating milk here at home? The Washington state departments of Agriculture and Health say the latest tests show no sign of any radioactivity in milk sampled in Tacoma and Spokane.

Last week, the EPA announced that trace amounts of radioactive Iodine-131 were detected in a sample from Spokane, but at levels 5,000 times below anything that would be remotely dangerous. Officials say drinking a pint of milk with radiation levels that low would amount to less than half of the exposure you would get in a five hour plane flight.

Additional samples found no radiation at all.

WSDA Director Dan Newhouse reassures the public that there's nothing to fear:

“EPA monitoring confirms that Washington milk is safe to drink. These results raise no concerns for food safety or public health. Milk and other dairy products remain a healthy choice in your diet.”

You can find radiation monitoring data at the EPA website.

See the state Department of Health website for more information on Washington's response to the crises in Japan.