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Wash. Supreme Court To Hear Lakewood Police Killings Challenge

May 14, 2014

Nearly five years have passed since Maurice Clemmons gunned down four Lakewood police officers in a coffee shop. Clemmons’ aunt and cousin were convicted of helping him after the murders.

Now, their case is before the Washington Supreme Court on appeal. Oral arguments are scheduled for Thursday.

Eddie Davis and Letrecia Nelson were convicted of rendering criminal assistance and for briefly possessing the service weapon of one of the slain officers. Both received enhanced sentences that meant years instead of months in prison.

Now they’re appealing the gun possession conviction and the aggravating circumstance that allowed the judge to impose a stiffer sentence. Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist says this was a rare case that had a “destructive impact” on the community and justified tougher penalties.

“These are people that helped out a cop-killer who just murdered four police officers, was still on the loose and was threatening to kill more people. This was a case that cried out for an exceptional sentence,” Lindquist said.

Attorneys for Davis and Nelson argue in court filings that the state failed to prove the pair actually had possession of the stolen gun. They also argue the exceptional sentence was unlawfully applied.

A total of five people were convicted of helping Clemmons who was shot to death by a Seattle police officer following a massive manhunt.