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Waiting for a Table

Oct 2, 2013

So how long would you be willing to stand on line for a table at a popular restaurant? Ten minutes? A half hour? Longer? Not KPLU’s Dick Stein, as he tells Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson on today’s Food for Thought.

Dick calls it "demeaning," and won't do it.  Nancy will do it—sometimes! There's a limit to their patience when it comes to waiting for a table at local restaurants. Nancy tells the story of a new Bellevue restaurant that had wait lines of 3 to 4 hours. Even she won't do that.

For diners, the wait can be worth it. For restaurant owners, long lines have their own benefits, even if customers give up and move on. See if you agree. Then be sure to leave your own comments about wait times and restaurant recommendations below.

Also, check out Nancy's restaurant recommendation, Koch's Deli. It's not local. In fact, she'd rather be in Philadelphia if she has to wait in line.