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Victor Wooten's Trio, Minus One

Aug 23, 2018

Victor Wooten's trio is a powerhouse outfit, even when it's just a duo. A saxophonist working with just bass and drums usually has a lot of work to do, but sax/flute player Bob Franceschini told me that working with Wooten and Dennis Chambers on bass and drums is a different story.

Even without Chambers' drumming, Victor Wooten was more than able to provide a fat rhythm section on his own live in the KNKX studios. Franceschini did provide some rhythm on sax, in tight collaboration with Wooten's bass, but was mostly adding his own flowing melodic lines.

Our excited studio session audience was treated to Victor's beautiful ballad "The Lesson" from his earlier album Palmystery, and two from his latest. "Liz & Opie" careened around a tricky melody shared by sax and bass, and their finisher "Funky D" was truly funky. Proof of their talents, Victor and Bob cranked this Dennis Chambers drum feature up to the max, without a drum beat.

Wooten's wonderful trio album Trypnotyx from last year is a tour de force for the man best known for his 30 years with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones. It's his first album in five years, due more to a frantic schedule as player, producer and educator. 

Full of incredible bass technique, catchy compositions, and dazzling playing from his trio mates, Victor Wooten's fans are understandably eager for more.