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The Vegans Are Coming! The Vegans Are Coming!

Aug 5, 2015

Nancy tells me "This week I had relatives in from out of town, young cousins, their romantic partners, their room-mates, and I had to figure okay what am I going to feed everyone?"  That decision could have been easier had she not asked "Is there anything that some people don't eat?"

"I had one vegan – who will actually eat fish – but was also lactose intolerant.  One vegetarian and someone who was allergic to peanuts and peanut oil."  But it all turned out okay. 

She made a quinoa tabouleh, which besides being delicious scores extra points for being tricky to pronounce, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, plus corn on the cob.  And for the carnivores in her immediate family grilled chickens, plus a piece of sockeye salmon for that fish-eating vegan.  Problem solved.

For those interested in getting closer in touch with their latent vegetarian...

And speaking of food ethics, intolerances, fashions and phobias, shortly after Nancy and I finished our chat I received this email from my friend and colleague KPLU Production Maven Nick Morrison

"Yesterday I went to Whole Foods to get a particular kind of cheese.  After scoring the cheese, I hit the cracker aisle.  While I was looking things over, a woman came along and began doing the same.  At one point I asked if I was in her way...she was kind of going back and forth behind me...and she said, "No, no.  I'm just trying to find some kind of cracker that isn't gluten-free."  I said, "God bless you, ma'am.  I never thought I'd ever hear that sentence in this store," then joined her in her quest.  We were finally successful.  We bumped cracker containers as if they were mugs of beer."

 "We just eat lardballs." – Quoted to me by the doctor they consulted for their general malaise.