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Ugliest cooking pot winner

Mar 2, 2011

And the winner is...

Tina Koch of Gig Harbor. 

Tina, whose last name means "cook" in German sent in the winning picture.  The big question now being what exactly is that thing?

Tina says it's a circular griddle of her grandmother's, circa 1932.  Where it's been and what it's been doing since then is open for speculation.  It would appear that the thing has spent at least a few of those years directly beneath the main boosters of the Space Shuttle.

Nancy and I really did have a hard choice to make as so many of your entries were so hard to look at but thanks to all for participating. 

If you haven't seen the entries yet by all means do so below.  Some are hideous, many hilarious.  And thanks to Sur La Table for the donation of our grand prize cast iron enameled French oven. 

See the prize, and listener-submitted pots below: