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The Trouble With Thursday Night Football

Nov 17, 2017

The Seahawks play the defending NFC champion Atlanta Falcons Monday night in Seattle. The Hawks are coming off a victory against the Arizona Cardinals on Nov. 9 in a Thursday Night Football matchup.

But that win also included a big loss. KNKX sports commentator Art Thiel discusses how the Seahawks are dealing with several injuries.

Injury Pileup

The biggest injury from the Thursday night game was to star cornerback Richard Sherman. He's out for the season with a ruptured Achilles.

Thiel said there were other injuries as well.

"We don't know the extent of them. But we know that Kam Chancellor, the safety, had a neck stinger. Defensive tackle Jarran Reed pulled a hamstring. And running back C.J. Prosise is now pretty much done for the season with a sprained ankle," he said.

"So, these things have really piled up in, kind of, a calamitous game."

"Even though they beat Arizona, it was at a really high cost."

Not Easy To End Thursday Night Football

A lot of players, including the Seahawks' Doug Baldwin, are voicing opposition to playing football on Thursday nights, based on the injuries that have been sustained.

"It was carnage," Thiel said about the injuries during the Seahawks-Cardinals Thursday night matchup.

"And it really, across the NFL, evoked some outrage by the players who are lamenting that four days of rest is not sufficient to recover from a previous Sunday's game."

"I agree with them that this is a risk to their long-term health," Thiel continued.

"However, I think most fans don't understand that the players and the owners agreed to Thursday night games as part of collective bargaining three years ago when they had the new deal."

"So, if the players don't want Thursday games, they're going to have to take less money in the next bargaining agreement. I don't know if they're ready to do that or not."

"But both parties have to come to an agreement to eliminate the games."

"And I would be very skeptical that's going to happen because it would cost money. And the NFL doesn't do things like that."

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