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Take the Mic: What's it like to start college in a pandemic?

Sep 9, 2020

Canceled proms. Virtual graduations. Eighteen-year-olds have been through a lot this year.

Now many are starting what’s likely to be a pretty bizarre year of college.

To find out how some young people are feeling as they face starting college mostly online, 18-year-old Ukweli Bayard from Tacoma interviewed four of his friends: Mason Miller, who will attend Tacoma Community College; Henry Carroll, who is starting at the University of Washington; Ayana Boyd, who will attend Brown University; and Kayden Samanmit, who will head to Pacific Lutheran University. They’re all 18 years old and from Tacoma.

“I’m going to have 99 percent of my classes online. The only one that’s not online is string orchestra,” Kayden said.

“Our generation has been defined by the internet,” Ayana said. “It’s not a hard adjustment but it definitely just provides clarity to the fact that everything can’t be accomplished through this virtual platform.”

KNKX has been sharing youth stories through our Take the Mic project, and now has launched a new initiative to guide teens on how to report and produce their own pieces. This story is the first one. Be sure to click on the audio to listen to Ukweli’s piece, for which he composed original music. 

Ukweli Bayard graduated from Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma earlier this year. He's taking a gap year before heading to college.