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A Survivor Confronts Her Attacker With Humanity

Mar 31, 2018

Note: This story deals with sexual assault and may not be appropriate for some listeners and readers. 

Erica Dudrow lives in Bellingham, and she says she was never much of a party person. But in 2014 she was dating a guy who liked to hit the bars, and she did her best to keep up. 

One Friday evening they were getting ready to go out, having drinks and indulging in a bit of the rave drug, “Molly.” She hadn’t realized just how intoxicated she was until, on her way to the bar, she began to black out. 

She remembers a few flashes of the evening -- glimpsing a friend of a friend … being asked to pay her tab. 

The next thing she knew, she was struggling to regain consciousness, realizing groggily that at that very moment, she was in a strange apartment with a strange man, being violated. 

Erica Dudrow shared her story of coming to terms with this assault, and how she turned the tables on her assailant in an unexpected way.