Sunday Night Football: Eagles This Year Are Reminder Of 'Super Bowl Seahawks' | KNKX

Sunday Night Football: Eagles This Year Are Reminder Of 'Super Bowl Seahawks'

Dec 1, 2017

The Seahawks host the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night at Century Link Field. KNKX sports commentator Art Thiel says there’s a lot on the line. And he sees similarities between this year's Eagles and the Seahawks' Super Bowl teams.

Eagles Today Are Seahawks Of The Past

"I think there (are) a lot of similarities between the 2017 Eagles and the 2013 Seahawks," Thiel said.

"That was the team that won the Super Bowl in 2014 and the had a reappearance the next year."

"Those two Seahawks teams and this year's Eagles are similar because they have the great, versatile quarterback, strong defense and they've also avoided a lot of injuries."

"They are a very well-balanced offense between running and passing. They've got a brilliant young quarterback in Carson Wentz in his second year out of North Dakota State. And they've got a very stout defense."

Bring It, 12's

"(The Eagles) are favored by six points. This is an unusual position for the Seahawks to be underdogs at home," Thiel continued.

"If ever there were a game that the fans think that they might make a difference, it might be this one because there's a lot of sentiment attached to what's going on here."

"This could really be, kind of, a passing of an era because of the injuries to the Legion of Boom. And the diminished play around the team has really caused a lot of people to realize they may be joining the middle of the pack in the NFL."

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