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Sound Effect: Episode 96, Too Much Information

Jul 15, 2017

This segment originally aired on February 18, 2017.

This week on Sound Effect, we bring you stories of TMI, as in too much information. 

The Jeopardy Champ

Seattle resident Ken Jennings won 74 times in a row on the popular trivia show "Jeopardy!" and is the the second highest earner in game show history with a total of more than $3.1 million. He explains how he keeps all that information in his brain.

The Home of The Cloud

Quincy, Washington is home to seven major data centers for big tech companies such as Microsoft and Dell. How did this small farm town become a hub for the internet's information? Knkx reporter Will James went there to find out. 

The Healing Process

Collecting evidence of a sexual assault is often referred to as a rape kit. Washington state has over 6,000 kits that have never been tested for DNA evidence of rapists. One survivor talks about what the exam entails and why every kit needs to be tested. 

The Comedian

Local comedian Scott Losse started doing stand-up at the suggestion of his therapist. Now he gets up regularly on stage and makes people laugh with stories about his dead mom and his anxieties. 88.5's Ariel Van Cleave talked to Losse about why he enjoys sharing so much personal information.

Grandmas And Diaphragms

There are topics that most of us really do not want to discuss with our parents. For many of us, birth control is probably close to the top of the list. Seattle writer Sarah Anne Lloyd tells us what it’s like when she, her mother and her grandmother talk about the pros and cons of diaphragms

Pen Pals

Alex Ashley, a journalist and musician from Bellingham, has known his friend, Kit Knowles, for almost five years. When it comes to their friendship, they trust each other, they communicate — all the boxes are checked. Except one. They talk about what makes their unique friendship tick. 


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