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Sound Effect: Episode 94, Black History Month

Feb 4, 2017

This week on Sound Effect, we've teamed up with the women behind the "Hella Black Hella Seattle" podcast to tell stories of black history in the Northwest. 

Black History Month

We meet the women behind the "Hella Black Hella Seattle" podcast and talk about what black history means to them. 

Seattle's 'Queen of Gospel'

Pastor Pat Wright has been a radio disc jockey, an R&B singer, and an educator but she is easily best known as the founder and director of Seattle’s renowned Total Experience Gospel Choir. The choir has performed for U.S. presidents and toured all over the world for more than 40 years. Pastor Wright shares with "Hella Black Hella Seattle" co-host Eula Scott Bynoe how her career evolved and why the choir is so influential.

That Brown Girl Cooks

Local chef Kristi Brown got her culinary start in Seattle. She's worked at many restaurants including the iconic Kingfish Cafe. "Hella Black Hella" Seattle co-host Alaina Cladwell talks to Kristi about what led her to a life in food and how to make it as a young black chef. 

The Salon

DeCharlene Williams has been doing hair in Seattle's Central District for decades and she has the stories to prove it. "Hella Black Hella Seattle" co-host Jasmine Jackson and DeCharlene look back on some of her more exciting moments and talk about what her salon has meant to Seattle's black community.

Home Sweet Home

In the 1950s, Ray and Marion West bought a house in Seattle's University District to rent to students of color, many of whom were barred from apartments in the area. Marion and her daughter Kathleen reminisce on the haven the Wests created for the UW's multiethnic community and what it was like when the neighborhood decided they were no longer welcome.

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