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Snow? Probably yes, for most of western Washington

Jan 13, 2012

But not too much. 

"It's not going to be the big snow-storm," says KPLU weather expert, and UW professor, Cliff Mass.

The areas most likely to get a couple inches of snow are the so-called "convergence zone," between north Seattle and Everett, and in the Bellingham area. For everyone else, Mass says it will be "hit and miss" depending on so many factors that it's hard to generalize.

"Some people will get no snow, some people who are right next to the water might even get a lttle light rain, but I think many people listening to us will see some snow," he says.

Combined with some icy conditions here and there, Mass says it's a good time to make sure you have your winter kit ready.

Plus, a big wet storm is heading our way for Tuesday. It will bring warmer and heavier rain -- which is likely to produce some flooding in western Washington.

Snow forecasting, it turns out, is really difficult around Puget Sound, as Mass describes on his blog,

"To be cold AND wet is not easy and requires very specific conditions that are relatively rare.”

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