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Apr 27, 2011

You can hear me attempt to pronounce that headline at the end of this Food for Thought. It's the Polish for Bon Appetit, literally "eat well" and we certainly did.

It all began with a chance encounter in Tacoma's lovely Seymour Botantical Conservatory. It's not often anyone recognizes my voice but Trace, the lady taking pictures did as we passed by. Which led to an enjoyable conversation, a few more chats via email and then an invitation to an authentic Polish dinner cooked by her partner Margaret, an escapee from the Polish Solidarity days.

What a night.  Polish Roulade, fermented red cabbage, home made borscht with little pate-filled dumplings.  So good. I brought a home made rye bread just in case we needed more carb(ocz). As for the shot-for-shot of frozen Polish vodka I engaged in with Margaret, probably the less said the better. Needless to say, DeGroot drove us home.

When I told (okay bragged) to Nancy about that night she turned me onto this site. A great resource for all things Polish -- especially cooking.

Trace and Margaret are coming over for a return engagement at our place this Saturday. We'll sit around filling potstickers. If our hands aren't too full stuffing the dumplings,  and later ourselves, I'll try and get Trace to take a few pix of the Dumpla-rama to ensue. 

"It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it."
--Julia Child