Seattle's Tyrant Lizard Trio: Americana-Fueled Improvisation | KNKX

Seattle's Tyrant Lizard Trio: Americana-Fueled Improvisation

Jan 13, 2017

KNKX welcomed a second performance of the trio Tyrant Lizard, just as the band released their self-titled debut album, and the new release from the group's guitarist Gregg Belisle-Chi, "I Sang To You and the Moon."

It was also the last few days for two-thirds of the band here in the Northwest - bass player Carmen Rothwell was returning to New York City and Belisle-Chi was days away from making the move himself. This left trumpet player Raymond Larsen to reassure us, a few thousand miles doesn't mean the end of Tyrant Lizard, just new paths to discover.

The group talked about their "ethereal" style ("I don't think of us as a ballads band," said Belisle-Chi), their undeniable musical chemistry, love of blending jazz and folk music, and how excited they were to explore vast musical territories with each other and whichever new, lucky musicians they encounter at this early stage in their careers.

It would appear this Tyrant Lizard isn't in any danger of extinction.


Carmen Rothwell (bass), Raymond Larsen (trumpet), Gregg Belisle-Chi (guitar).


Host:Abe Beeson, Audio Engineer: John Kessler

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