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Seattle's restless restaurant scene

Jan 12, 2011

The end (and the beginning!) of the year often marks change in business of all kinds, and the restaurant business is no exception. 

Nancy and Dick lay down the latest on some noteworthy Seattle restaurateurs who have opened - or are about to open - new kitchens. Other famous spots have new names, or new owners.  Nancy says look out for:

  • Tom Douglas, who is expanding into South Lake Union, including a new Serious Pie 
  • Dulces Latin Bistro in Madrona closes soon. The owners will open a new Capitol Hill bistro
  • Madison Park has lost Sostanza, but gained the Madison Park Conservatory

Maria Hines has Ballard in her sights. She's planning a new spot calling The Golden Beetle in Ballard. The Tilth owner is traveling in the East (as in Middle East) looking for some of the tastiest street foods to bring to her new venture. On Nancy's blog, you can read some of the tweets Hines has sent from Cairo, Istanbul and Beirut.

Last but not least, Nancy's got the scoop on Spinasse. Jason Stratton is expanding his Capitol Hill location on 14th Avenue and opening Artusi, which to Dick sounds just a little like 'watusi,' offering an excuse to celebrate this explosion of taste around Seattle with a little song.